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St. Raphael Parish Mission Statement

With over 100 years of celebrating our cultural traditions, St. Raphael Parish is a community committed to our Catholic Faith and grounded in the Celebration of the Eucharist.

We seek opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service to each other and our neighbors, through the grace and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Empowered by the mission of Christ, we share our God-given talents, encourage all to love one another as the Father loves us, and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and deed.

O Sacrum convivium, in quo Christus sumitur: recolitur memoria passionis eius;
mens impletur gratia et futurae gloriae nobis pignus datur.*

Panis angelicus fit panis hominum; dat panis caelicus figuris terminum;
O res mirabilis: manducat Dominum pauper, servus et humilis.**

* O Sacred Banquet, in which Christ is received, the memory of his passion recalled,
and a pledge of future glory is given to us.

** The bread of angels is become the bread of men; this heavenly bread does away with symbols;
O what a wonderful thing, that a poor and humble servant may consume his Lord.

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