Parish Directory

Name Email Phone
Saint Raphael Parish 412.661.3100
Saint Raphael Parish Elementary School 412.661.0288
Saint Raphael Parish Finance Council    
Saint Raphael Parish Pastoral Council    

Staff Directory

  Name Title Email Extension
Reverend Christopher D. Donley Pastor 128
Deacon William Hahn Parish Deacon 114
Daniel Gallagher Missions Coordinator 116
Charles Goetz Business Manager 112
Cindy Goetz Secretary 110
Darlene Kiniry Music Director  
Barb Melick Secretary  
Shannon Monaghan Office Manager
Safe Environment Coordinator 111
Noah Pepmeyer Evangelization and Music Ministry  
Mark Shepard Maintenance  
Dolores Shipe Director of Marriage and Family 127
Nathan Wigfield Director of Religious Education 127