St. Raphael Parish Elementary School is located in the East End of Pittsburgh where we have been serving the Morningside, Highland Park and Stanton Heights communities since 1915. We are dedicated to consciously nurturing every student's faith through instruction and example in a challenging, safe, disciplined and respectful environment. Academic experiences are based on sound educational principles that provide for the individual needs of each child. We work with our parents to develop in our children a fundamental respect for all people and their cultural heritage. Together, we uphold virtues that are core to a Spirit-filled community which include justice, peace, and reverence.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio / Small Class Sizes

With an average student to teacher ratio of 1:17, our passionate and talented teachers can tailor instruction to meet students’ specific needs and spend more time on activities that engage students and improve learning opportunities.

Accredited Curriculum by Experienced Teachers

Our students benefit from an accredited curriculum taught by a force of educators with years of experience who offer great individual and collective effectiveness in improving student outcomes as well as coherence in instruction and relationship-building.

Tuition Value,
Less than Private School

Faith-based, inclusive, private school environment serving children and their family - all for a tuition far below neighboring private schools.