About Us

Our Facility

Classrooms and Technology

St. Raphael is equipped with an internet accessible computer lab, computers in each classroom, and interactive Smartboards, which the students and teachers use daily.

Cafeteria and Kitchen

Please click here for more about school lunches and our facility.


The SRES gymnasium is home to Raiders basketball and is equipped for school Physical Education classes, physical training and athletic games and sports.


It is imperative that administrators and teachers know who is in our school buildings at all times so we can ensure the safety of our students. Therefore, all visitors and parents are required to sign in at the main office when they arrive at school BEFORE proceeding to any of the school buildings. Visitors must pick up a visitor’s badge which must be clearly visible at all times while on school grounds. When the visit has been concluded, visitors are to return to the main office and sign out. All volunteers must have clearances - click here to read our Safe Environment Policy.

Asbestos Notice

Pursuant to the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act (AHERA), our school was inspected by a certified AHERA Inspector. A Management Plan was developed and submitted to the State of Pennsylvania Department of Education. A copy of our Asbestos Inspection Report and Management Plan is on file in the administration office of our school.

The school is re-inspected by a certified AHERA Inspector every three (3) years. The maintenance and custodial staff has received two (2) hours of Awareness Training and conducts a periodic surveillance twice a year; in the months of December and June.