About Us

Our Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Saint Raphael Elementary School is dedicated to consciously nurturing every student’s faith through instruction and example in a challenging, safe, disciplined and respectful environment. Academic experiences are based on sound educational principles providing for the individual needs of the child. The children are encouraged to respond in turn by using their God given gifts.  With the parents and school personnel working as a team, we strive to develop in the children a fundamental respect for all people and their cultural heritage. Together we uphold virtues that are core to a Spirit-filled community which include justice, peace, and reverence.

Philosophy Statement

Saint Raphael Elementary School is an extension of our parish, educational ministry. It reflects the desire of our faith community to educate the total child. All those creating the school environment serve as models and integrating forces for the child’s spiritual, intellectual growth within the framework of a solid Catholic tradition. Excellence informs every area of the curriculum while individual’s needs are identified and respected. It is the intent of our faith community to gently challenge the children to become hope-filled, competent and contributing members of a Christ-centered society.