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Everyday Giving

Easy, effortless ways you can make a big difference and help Saint Raphael Elementary School.

Shop & Save S.E.E.D. Program

SRES earns educational programs from the Zoo and Science Center when you register your Shop & Save Perks Card online for SRES (Code 73).

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Clip Box Top Labels

Saint Raphael receives $.10 for each box top you clip and return to the school. NEW! Earn bonus Box Tops with the new App, click here for details!

Participating Products Contest!

Tyson Project A+

Simply clip Tyson A+ labels from products you normally buy and bring them to school. Each label is worth $.24 to SRES!

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Giant Eagle Apples for Students

Register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card with ID# 1163 online or call 800.474.4777 and SRES will earn points for all of your future purchases.

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Abitibi Paper Retriever

Recycle paper and earn money for our school when you drop off paper type items in our Paper Retriever® bin located behind the school.

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Coca-Cola Give

Donate your codes from bottle caps and inside 12 and 24 packs of Coca-Cola products. You can donate codes online or send your caps to school.

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Business owners may be able to provide scholarships and aid to students with their PA tax liability dollars at little or no cost.

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Share Your Good Ideas

If you have ideas for more easy ways we can fundraiser, we would love to hear from you! Contact the PTG or school office with your ideas

Share Your Ideas!

Gift Card Sale Fundraising

The quickest and easiest way to fundraise for our parish school is by buying gift cards from the parish to use at stores you already are shopping at! We all head to the grocery store more that once a week, so let’s help St. Raphael by stopping in the school office to purchase gift cards. School families receive 2% credit toward their tuition. Gift Cards can be purchased at the front desk of the Parish Center during normal office hours. The following gift cards are available for purchase:

  • Giant Eagle
    Tip: Giant Eagle gift cards can be used to purchase other retailer gift cards to earn Fuelperks or on fuel purchases.
  • Shop & Save
  • Community Market
  • Macy's
  • JC Penney's

Please contact the school office with any questions or concerns regarding gift cards or purchasing.

Abitibi Paper Retriever

MAKE EVERY PAGE COUNT - We Earn Money When You Recycle Paper Here!

You can recycle paper at our Paper Retriever bin 7 days a week. We earn money for paper dropped off at our green and yellow Abitibi Paper Retriever® bin. This is an easy way for you to recycle your paper every week and help us raise money for our parish school.

Please remember to bring your paper and drop it in the Abitibi Paper Retriever® bin. This bin is free to use, just bring us your paper! Please add recycling to your errand route and bring your paper by once a week - help our parish school and the environment!

We Accept:
We do NOT accept
Newspaper Plastic
Magazines Metal
Shopping Catalogs Glass
Office & School Papers Cardboard

For more information, log on to PaperRetriever.com or call the office at 412.661.3100.