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School Busing and Transportation

In general, students are eligible to ride the bus if they reside in a location that is at least 1.5 miles away and at the same time not more than 10 miles from the school building, or live along a route that has been declared "hazardous." The Board of Education Transportation Division for school districts determines "hazardous route" claims.

Busing services are supplied by the public school district in which you reside. Therefore, bus related questions are best directed to your respective school district’s busing office rather that Saint Raphael Elementary School.

Changes to a Student's Daily Transportation Routine
It is important that we know how your student will regularly get to and from school. If there is any change in your student’s regular transportation, please:

  • Send a written Note to Teacher to the office indicating the change, e.g. different bus (only with the permission of the District and Principal and for emergency reasons only), pick-up instead of bus, ride with different parent/grandparent, etc.
  • Be aware that students may not switch buses due to some buses operating at capacity. If a student is going home with a friend, private transportation is required.
  • If we do not have a note from you and your child states a change in transportation, Saint Raphael Elementary School will adhere to the normal means of transportation.

School Bus Rules for Students
Time spent on the bus is an extension of the school day; therefore, students are expected to behave on the bus the same as they do while in the school.

  • Students are to use quiet voices as loud talking, singing etc. may distract the driver, keep other students from hearing instructions, or prevent the driver from hearing signals from emergency vehicles.
  • Students are to remain seated at all times. If the driver has assigned seats, the seat assignments are to be honored.
  • Students are not to put anything out the window of the bus (head, hands and feet included).
  • In vehicles where seat belts are available, students are to use them properly.
  • Students are to be courteous on the bus and refrain (as always) from using profane language.
  • Students are to refrain from using any electronic, mobile device (iPad, cell phone, camera, gaming system, etc.)
  • Students are to keep the bus clean.
  • Eating, drinking and gum chewing is prohibited on the school bus.
  • Students are to get off only at their assigned stop.
  • Students are to cooperate with the driver - the driver is always in charge.
  • Any additional instructions from the driver are to be followed.

School Bus Behavior Policy
If there are behavior problems, the bus driver will notify the school principal. Consequences will be implemented according to the Saint Raphael Elementary School Discipline Policy available on the Parent Portal. If the problem persists, the district has the right to suspend a student's bus privileges, either temporarily or permanently. If the district recommends that a student be removed from the bus, the principal will support it, resulting in the student's loss of bus services. The parent/guardian will then be responsible for alternate transportation for the student.